What I’m Writing

The Fiction

Status: First Draft
Word Count: 12k/70k
Genre: Dystopian/Historical Fiction

Photo by sk from Pexels


When it is discovered that her disabled brother was not killed in a eugenic abortion years ago, Kimbey Stewart and her family must answer for it in court. The sentence for such crimes is time in the games – a series of courses designed for the entertainment of the people, especially President Desmond. When Kimbey volunteers to take her brother’s place in the games, President Desmond takes an unwanted personal interest in her.

While Kimbey tries to get home, he works to keep her there for his own entertainment and control. Kimbey’s fight to return to her home and family turns into a battle against the president himself – a more powerful opponent than she ever intended to face.

Blog Posts:

An Introduction

Following Orders

Status: Resting
Word Count: 61k/60k
Genre: Fantasy/Historical Fiction



Will has grown up under the reign of kind and good King Arthur since he was born into the happy little family living within the walls of Camelot. That family falls apart when his father dies in battle when Will is only eight years old and his mother quickly follows. The only person left to care for him is an old family friend (and Will’s uncle), Sir Manchmal. Despite being squired to one of the best knights at court, it isn’t all that Will thought it would be. He wants more from life.

That wish is fulfilled when King Arthur entrusts Sir Manchmal and Will with keeping Camelot’s end of a bargain crucial to the survival of the small kingdom. They must deliver the princess to be married to the king of the neighboring kingdom of Morestia. The task sounds simple enough, but the attacks of Sir Whyh, knight of Camelot’s fiercest enemy, soon leave Will and the princess alone, with no one to guide them to the completion of their mission. Even worse, Will begins to befriend Princess Elaine and eventually develops feelings for the elegant royal. She could be the family missing from his life for so long. He is left to battle between his most desperate desire and the duty he has to his home and his people. One must be stronger.

Blog Posts:

A Proposal

Blood on My Hands

Homecoming Scene

My Dearest Atla

Princess Elaine Penndragon

Places I’ve Been Published

The Rebelution:

5 Things I Learned on My Quest to Stop Complaining

How to Heal Broken Relationships

What Makes a Good Friend?

What’s the Secret to Being a Happy Teen?

Use Your Singleness to Glorify God

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