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Why Introverts Should Try to Be Extraverts (Sometimes)

Before any introverts go on a (quiet) rampage, muttering that introverts are just as good as extraverts and it's just because of the way culture is set up that they're at a disadvantage etc. etc... I am and always have been a major introvert. I do the whole stereotypical act: reading books late at night,… Continue reading Why Introverts Should Try to Be Extraverts (Sometimes)

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3 Steps to the Great Schedule Purge

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything in the last two weeks. Or maybe you didn't, I don't know. And that's on purpose (mostly). I've decided to blog every other week rather than every week. This will hopefully lead to better content instead of just consistent content and it will give me more… Continue reading 3 Steps to the Great Schedule Purge

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Book Review: Rediscovering Humility

We often define sanctification as "becoming more like Christ." A more apt definition might be "resting more in Christ's love." One of the major sins that many Christians try to sanctify themselves out of is the sin of pride. I've just finished reading the book Rediscovering Humility by Christopher Hutchinson that addresses the attempt to eliminate… Continue reading Book Review: Rediscovering Humility