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Hello, and welcome to Kira Writes. I, as you may have deduced, am Kira, and this is the place for me to introduce myself. So if you have any interest in finding out who is behind the thoughts and words in this corner of the internet, here is your opportunity…

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I am, first and foremost, a disciple of Christ. No, correction: I am only and completely a disciple of Christ. He gives me my identity and guides my life, including (I pray) every word I write.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…I was saved. I don’t actually remember the time or any of the details, but I know for certain that it happened, whether all at once or over many years. Before I began following Jesus, I was a self-righteous, self-serving perfectionist. I grew up in the church and knew the stories, but it wasn’t actually mine.

When I finally began seeking God as I should (post-salvation – I don’t believe that you seek God until He seeks you), everything started changing. I slowly began surrendering more and more of my life to Him and grew in that relationship more than I ever imagined.

But I still fail, even now. I’m far from perfect and He’s far from finished with me, thank goodness. I know that I am growing and moving closer to Him all the time as I learn more about what it means to give Him my life.

I am seeking to get to know the God I follow and glorify Him in my work every single day.


This is the part where I shower you with all of the things I do in my life outside of blogging, most of which you don’t care about at all, so I’ll keep it short.

I love running (probably something that will make it into a few posts) and playing soccer. There’s nothing like a solid workout to make you feel good all over.

I also read a lot of books, some of which I review on here for your reading benefit. Many of the books are incredibly old or obscure since part of my curriculum as a homeschooler is built around reading and studying such works, but I do manage a few of my own choice.

I mime. Yes. Mime. It has to do with presenting the gospel and is starting to sound like a good thing to devote an entire post to, so stay tuned and we’ll see if that happens.

General (in which I tell you all the little things that didn’t fit into an above category)

I am a teenager and the oldest of seven kids. We all live in the unrivaled-in-beauty Blue Ridge Mountains and love each other very much (except for when books are borrowed without permission).

As previously mentioned, I’m homeschooled and glad of it. It has enriched my life in ways that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.

Dogs are the most wonderful creatures on earth and we have two of them. Mutts which shed and beg for attention with big shiny eyes and eager wiggling tails. We also have two cats, but they bite when they’re happy, so I don’t feel a need to mention them.


And now the main reason for the blog.

I could have mentioned writing under “Interests” but it is something that has become more of a mission over the past months. I’ve loved writing and making up stories for longer than I can remember and still do today.

Writing is a passion that has followed me throughout my life. It calms me, excites me, wraps me up in the sheer elegance of thoughts on a page. I’ve put my own thoughts in the pages of a novel, which I am currently editing before sending it off to agents.


Being an author has always been my dream and vision. I am working to make it a reality.

So why the blog?

I’ve been blogging for the past three years on a different site (howheluvsus.blogspot.com) in order to put down my thoughts, work through questions, and improve my writing abilities. It’s been a wonderful experience and I am so glad to have started so young.

I hope and pray that this blog enhances my writing, but also reaches and helps those who read it. And above all, glorifies my God.

Happy reading!


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