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The Start of a New Era (or Email List)

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Back in January, I made some bold claims about an email list that was soon to be born. Well, here we are in April and that fictitious email list is no longer a figment of anyone’s imagination!

Over the past few weeks, I have been putting together the beginnings of an email list to keep you all (not y’all – my sister would be proud) updated on blog posts and other writing projects. However, this newborn email list is still in its infancy, so I have no current plans to barrage any inboxes with daily updates about my dogs and my wordcounts and my blog posts. For now, I’m thinking we will stick with a monthly email with a short update and maybe a quick article exclusively for those subscribed to the email list.

And to sweeten the deal just a bit more, I’ve written an article entitled “5 Must-Read Books (For People Who Have Read Everything)”. So if you’re like me and often find yourself bemoaning the cruelly limited number of books that are worth your time and characters worthy of your love, this was designed for you. I’ve listed five of my very favorite lesser-known books that I believe everyone should read.

If you’d like to know what those irresistible novels are, subscribe to my email list below – I would love to keep you updated on all the writing adventures!


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